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A New Hope Consulting (ANH) is a firm of progressive consultants working in collaboration with clients to advance political power for Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and working class communities through progressive philanthropic practice and grassroots capacity building.


ANH is the reincarnation of Dancing Hearts Consulting (DHC), originally launched in 2017 by Esperanza K. Tervalon. Leveraging the vast learnings from our DHC days, ANH emerges with a renewed commitment to advancing progressive and innovative projects that hold people and process as our most valuable assets in creating change.


Our practitioner-consultant team brings decades of on-the-ground and in-the-trenches experience to each project to ensure clients are getting honest and helpful feedback and support.


ANH is not a traditional consulting firm—we connect high-impact consultants to client projects based on their expertise and capacity. This model ensures that partners and projects have the attention, support, and execution needed to succeed.

Our  Story

A New Hope Consulting (ANH) was founded and is led by Esperanza K. Tervalon. A daughter of East Oakland, California, and Black activist parents, Esperanza was the first woman of color to lead a 501c3, 501c4, and PAC collaborative civic engagement formation focused on mobilizing progressive voters of color in the United States and built a solid reputation as a savvy electoral strategist, seasoned political organizer, and civic engagement innovator.  After working in philanthropy as the Chief Strategic Officer for the Groundswell Fund where she developed and led a $5.4M capacity building program for reproductive justice organizations across the country, she decided her leadership was better served at the intersection of social justice and electoral power building and philanthropy. In 2017, she founded Dancing Hearts Consulting (DHC).

After six years of leading DHC, heading up the We Count Oregon campaign, learning and redefining the power building possibilities of Ballots Building Power, designing and implementing c4 capacity building, and redesigning and redirecting dozens of social justice and philanthropic organizations, Esperanza visioned A New Hope Consulting.


This shift marks and underscores a commitment and intention to our work in ways that honor the deep tradition of racial, social, and movement organizing while integrating and interrogating how contemporary culture, change making, and trouble making can be best put to work for progress.

Our Team

Core Values

We are the experts; not the authority. ANH is lucky to partner with some of the sector's smartest leaders and practitioners. There are a lot of smart people in the room, and we honor everyone’s experience and ideas. Our highly skilled and accomplished team will share our experience and opinions with clients to ensure that decisions are informed and aligned with the vision of each project. Each consultant who works for ANH is committed to lifting up and living into three core values: honesty, integrity, and accountability. Our hope is that changemakers are ready to work at a higher level of sophistication, unity, and clarity of work alignment by leaning into our three core values of working in healthy partnership.



We believe that honest communication, analysis and process is essential to working in alignment with the progressive future we envision. 


We believe that our relationships and work product are reflections of our personal and collective commitment to social change. Keeping our word is central to the work culture at ANH



We believe that mistakes will happen and being accountable is the first step in repairing breeches in trust. Accountability is a collective skill that all ANH consultants bring to bear on every project. "What happens between us is half yours and half mine" (as expressed by Dr. Melanie Tervalon) and when we are accountable we can identify better ways of working together to advance our shared commitment to social justice.

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