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A New Hope Consulting partners with changemakers to cultivate flourishing  institutions, design and execute innovative campaigns for social change, and reimagine philanthropic leadership, investments, and impacts. Our work strives to support an equitable and thriving democracy that is led by, represents, and serves BIPOC and working class communities.

Central to our approach is alignment with client-partners.  We work best with clients that are aligned with the purpose, process, and principles of the partnership. Alignment is more than agreement, it’s a commitment to do and work in ways that focus on the outcomes while making space for people to be human. Rather than engage in the useless blame-game that plagues our movement, our team uses an accountability process to identify what happened, what we can learn, and how to best move forward. 

“Policy reforms have the potential to be meaningful and important,

but in the arc toward liberation, shifting who holds power is what truly matters.”

- Esperanza K. Tervalon
A New Hope Consulting CEO, on Ballots Building Power

What We Offer

What we offer

Our Approach

ANH is a progressive consulting firm with a political point of view. Through lived and professional experience, we bring critique and analysis to life through practical application. Put simply: our politics are our super power.


We are passionate about working with clients who want to advance a more racially, economically, and socially just society by organizing people, policy, and philanthropy. We keep the politics of the world, the community, the institution, and the leaders salient on each project because politics affect the outcomes and politics matter. 


Our goal for every project is to help our clients win and learn. Winning matters and our team always grounds a project by identifying the goals and benchmarks. We use project management tools and metrics to ensure that we are supporting partners to move the project forward along the long arc of justice. On the other hand, even the best laid plans will encounter opportunities to learn, reflect, redirect and grow. ANH acknowledges barriers and loss, and honors every lesson with quick, clear, and accountable communication and plan of action—without loss of enthusiasm. Both/and thinking transforms any lesson into the bedrock of the win.


At ANH, we believe that telling the truth is a gift. In an increasingly passive aggressive cultural context,  hearing honest and direct, solutions-oriented  feedback takes projects (and often leaders and institutions) to new heights. Thanks to decades of movement building, capacity building, and campaigning, our team knows that conflict is to be expected, addressed, and repaired in order to keep the quality and efficacy of the work moving forward. ANH practices an anti-drama approach to the work by taking radical accountability and ownership for ourselves and what we do. We do not work in or participate in a culture of blame. We provide this approach and framework to our partners while offering a conflict resolution process that ensures every challenge that arises can be transformed into deeper understanding and unity. 

Our Work

Our Work

See below for examples of the type of work ANH has done. Want to work with us? Reach out here.

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The Cascade Society - We conceptualized, developed, and launched The Cascade Society (TCS) — a training program providing BIPOC organizers a political home rooted in purpose, connection, and organizing practices. TCS cultivates organizers who work in service of the people, the movement, and our shared liberation. The training is grounded in the core values of Collective Impact, Accountable Action, Learning Landscape, and Movement Mindset. This five-day intensive training is designed around in-and-out-of-session relationship building, deep political discussion, and analysis.

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Ballots Building Power - With underwriting from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we led a research project to understand and map the layers and levels of support for ballot-centered power-building ecosystems and to help philanthropy gain a clear picture of how ballot initiatives drive community members to get involved in civic engagement. By focusing on power-building ecosystems that underpin ballot-oriented civic engagement, with a particular focus on low-income constituents, women, and BIPOC communities, we help to round out our understandings of the roles of race, class, and gender in building power. Learn more and read the full report at


C4 Power Program - The C4 Power Program (C4PP) builds long-term infrastructure in Oregon and Southwest Washington to ensure political power is sustained within communities rather than coming and going with elections. It aligns capacity building programming and grantmaking to invest in the organizational, programmatic and leadership development of BIPOC organizations in the region. As the facilitator of C4PP, we focus on skill building and integration of these skills into the organizational structure. Through various program elements, including direct coaching, technical training, convenings and movement building, C4PP has helped to stand up three BIPOC-led field organizations in the region, while deepening the connection between longstanding organizations and the political movements of today. 


We Count Oregon - In partnership with social justice organizations and community ambassadors, we led the We Count Oregon (WCO) campaign—the first woman-of-color-led statewide census campaign in Oregon—purposefully designed to undermine exclusionary census norms. Our campaign focused on increasing counts of historically hard-to-count populations, including Black, Native and tribal, Latinx, LGBTQI, disabled, immigrant, and rural Oregonians, as well as children under five. Under the campaign, a dozen BIPOC-led community-based field organizations contacted over 200K hard-to-count people across the state. An additional 40 community-based organizations were supported in place-based census outreach. This first-of-its-kind campaign, supported by a public-private pooled fund, helped 1) ensure hard-to-count Oregonians were represented in the 2020 census, and 2) build capacity and infrastructure for BIPOC- and community-led organizations across the state. Read the impact report here.


ARC - Anti-Racist CEOs in Philanthropy (ARC) is a unique space in philanthropy. ARC provides philanthropic leaders from the US and Canada with ongoing space to explore anti-racist praxis by learning from and with each other. ARC reminds us that we can be more than just power brokers for our institutions, but power-players that are shifting the state of play in philanthropy. As foundation CEOs, we hold the power and responsibility to, quite literally, put our money where our mouth is by investing in BIPOC-led movements—to dismantle white supremacy at every level of power-building. ARC strives to bring that same expectation to our own leadership, providing space to examine how we can lead our organizations, boards, and sector toward a deeper commitment to anti-racist practice. ARC is a closed, invitation-only group focused on peer learning for personal leadership, organizational practice, and moving the sector in anti-racism. 

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